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Amit Kumar Sinha


During a solar eclipse in 1991, while everyone else in the Catholic girls’ school she attends is outside watching it happen, 15-year-old VERONICA goes to the attic of the girls’ Catholic school she attends, joined by her friends Irene and Lucia. They set up an Ouija board and conduct a séance in the hopes of making contact with Verónica’s deceased father. To the dismay of Irene and Lucia, the game takes a disturbing turn when Verónica appears to be possessed, paralytic, and whispering that she’s going to die soon. In the apartment where Verónica lives with her three younger siblings, strange things start to happen. Verónica begins to have visions: a naked zombie version of her father lurching toward her, her siblings trying to eat her alive, lights flickering, TVs turning on and off, fire, blood, demons, the youngest sibling believing that the father has read him a story. As Irene and Lucia, completely creeped out, begin to distance themselves from Verónica, the only one who’s aware of what’s happening is an elderly blind nurse the kids call “Sister Death,” a nun presumed by the other nuns to be senile and deranged and therefore left in the attic. Sister Death tells Verónica that she must find the proper way to end the séance she started with her friends, and only then will she have a chance to survive. After believing she has found the solution, Verónica attempts another seance — this time with her two younger sisters as her brother watches. During this séance, Verónica must find a way to contain the demons she has unleashed and prevent them from wreaking further havoc on her and her family

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